9th Gene Vance Jr. Day on US Armed Forces Day, May 16th, 2020


We pray this missive finds you and yours keeping safe and well.

We now share in the largest common catastrophe in recent history.

During this fight for our lives, as the coronavirus pandemic kills a devastating number of people throughout the world daily and forces our loved ones apart, we ask for your perspectives.


Military and Civilian Community Leaders 

Kindly send us your video of hope, healing and inspiration to the nation.

(Please video any memorial wreath/ flag or other ceremony to be included prior to the 16th May, 2020)

Kindly include a Public Service Announcement for safety first and feel free to highlight your successes, outline your challenges, help you may require and solutions you recommend. 


Military, First Responders and all on the frontline 

Kindly send us your video message.

Today there is a new frontline, filled with everyday heroes fighting an invisible enemy.

Doctors, nurses, EMT’s, police, fireman and hosts of emergency personnel,

grocery, pharmacy, sanitation, delivery and government staff together

with many others including those impacted by the virus who teach our children.

Musicians and Entertainers

Kindly send us a music video together with your uplifting message of hope and healing to the nation.


Kindly send us your video message.

If you have been impacted personally by loss due to this tragedy. Kindly send us your video message.

Our heartfelt condolences to those who have lost loved ones as we pray for all who are impacted.


Our traditional tribute celebrates and honors our defenders, all who run towards danger every day to save lives.

While we aggressively seek much needed protective equipment and aspire to provide insight and education into this catastrophe, we are reminded that another world is possible because of people like you.

Now more than ever we are united by grief, concern and gratitude. 


Thank you for sharing your inspirational video with the world on Morgantown’s 9th Gene Vance Jr. Day.

Our heartfelt thanks for all you do every day.

"The nation which forgets its defenders will itself be forgotten."

Calvin Coolidge, 30th President of The United States of America


Gene Vance Jr. Day

On May 18, 2012 US Armed Forces Day, a new day in the United States of America called the "Gene Vance Jr. Day" was created by the Gene Vance Jr. Foundation with support from officials representing the State of West Virginia, City of Morgantown, West Virginia Army National Guard, West Virginia University, business and media organizations.


To Honor the Legacy of American soldiers who returned home from the longest ongoing war in US history, remembers the fallen and supports the wounded.


Framed by Memorial Day and Armed Forces Day in the United States, the day is observed annually in Morgantown on May 18.

LE A R N  M O R E  

 An Unforgettable City That Never Forgets

Situated along the banks of the Monongahela River in the rolling green hills of West Virginia lies the City of Morgantown.


Morgantown is best known as the home of West Virginia University and the Personal Rapid Transit system. It was founded in 1772 by Colonel Zackquill Morgan.

Morgantown is an unforgettable City in several ways. Throughout its history it never forgot to honor its heroes.


From a masterful statue of its founder to a unique annual day called The Gene Vance Jr Day, the City pays tribute to those who serve, have fallen and are wounded defending liberty and community.

Morgantown’s rich legacy of honor is further reflected in The Vance Mile Bike Path and the Gene Arden Vance Jr. Memorial Drive reflecting the true meaning of community support.

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