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Undoubtedly, there is strength in membership. We are striving for a higher model of collective thinking, a model that effectively addresses the low level competitive 'siloing' of vital information.


The Foundation is a link for global communication, collaboration and exchange between the public, governments and the private sector.


We promote high tech medical, scientific and other new advances including emerging therapies like Vascularized Composite Allotransplantation (VCA) for survivors of traumatic injury. Through awareness and educational initiatives, we provide a uniquely positioned network of local and global linkages and platforms for members to capitalize on through synergistic exchanges between diverse and disparate disciplines.


The Foundation serves as a consultative stage for members to mobilize new introductions to include patients and joint partnerships which are beyond the resources of an individual organization.


Together we can generate solutions to the substantial challenges associated with elevating care and expanding options for survivors. We can accelerate the creation of new standards of care that will meet insurance underwriting criteria and stringent federal requirements. More importantly, access to new and vital therapies and emerging technologies means new life for those most in need.

Membership helps marshall the forces of the greatest medical minds and innovative talent the world has to offer... 



Membership offers exclusivity and global strategic promotional support for a variety of member initiatives related to the Foundation's mission. Membership and participation is available to various fields, including medical, key government and military agencies, publicly listed companies, small and medium enterprises, universities, research institutions, non-governmental organizations and multinational corporations. 

We live in an age of great innovation and unprecedented opportunity

coupled with the unpredictable and unexpected


Membership provides exclusive pathways to overcoming challenges and achieving goals    


  • Members receive unprecedented opportunities for collaboration, partnership and career enhancement

  • Access to participation in global forums, consultations, dialogues, missions, collective technology and other efforts beyond the resources of individual organisations 

  • Advanced opportunities for success through communication and promotion  


  • Any professional wishing to become a member of the Gene Vance Jr. Foundation needs to be introduced by two “sponsors”, (a proposer sponsor and a seconder) both of whom are members of the Gene Vance Jr. Foundation. All members for more than a year, with exception of board members, are authorised to propose a new applicant to the admissions committee.

  • The candidate needs to fill in an admission form, which is then signed by the applicant and the two sponsors, and must be accompanied by a letter of introduction from the proposer. This letter of introduction will explain the applicant’s motives for joining the Foundation.

  • The sponsor should also be committed to ensuring that the person they propose is encouraged to adopt the philosophy and values of the Gene Vance Jr. Foundation in order to continue raising standards.


Together we can

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