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HOW CONTRIBUTIONS ARE USED over the past 10 years



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Since 2007, the Foundation has been an all-volunteer, non-partisan, 501(c)(3) non-profit directing 100% of its available funding to program expenses, a rarity in today's non-profit sector. 



To date, 100 cents of every dollar available to the Foundation has been used in immediate response to wounded soldiers returning home from the longest ongoing war against terrorism. These soldiers survived the most unimaginable catastrophic injuries, never before seen in the history of medical science and modern warfare. This means an unprecedented and unanticipated outcome for any nation, organization, community or family tasked with providing care. 


Therefore, our resources were utilized to support the US military dealing with the outcome of unprecedented survival. We introduced and helped implement a commitment to the US DoD Dept. of the Navy that grew a vital high level continuing medical educational training initiative and forum that has elevated the standard of health care and expanded treatment options within the Community and for US Military during a time of armed conflict. Presently, it is among the most innovative and diverse medical gatherings in military medicine. 

We also performed research, recruitment of volunteers, governmental, public advocacy, awareness, promotional and communication activities.


The organization's primary source of financial support has come from private sources including the Vance-Minc family.


Defrayed mission critical costs have been met directly by the US military, local government, corporations, and other non-profit entities, as well as individuals and partner organizations some of which provide essential services on a pro-bono or complimentary basis.


We incurred minimal administrative and fundraising costs. All volunteer, direct payment from private sources and payment in kind of costs incurred dramatically reduced the income necessary. We employed this strategy to demonstrate amongst other aims, the Spirit of a Grateful Nation and the real meaning of giving back. 

Therefore, as a charitable 501(c)(3) US non-profit corporation, we are exempt from income tax and required to file form 990-N with the federal government. All information is presented in accordance with IRS regulations and contributions are tax deductible.

The Gene Vance Jr. Foundation is organized for General and Rehabilitative  Health and Educational purposes exclusively and not for profit. It aims to encourage a high standard of character and conduct.


We strive to operate efficiently and transparently gauging our organization's long term health by its access to vital resources and resulting impact. 


Support from individuals like you is essential.  

Please read about our new services and commitments to supporters to find out how we intend to use your donations to reach people in need in the most effective and cost-efficient manner, while adhering to stringent ethics in a manner consistent with the highest professional standards.


For more information, please e-mail our Donor Services department at


Internal Revenue Service ruling year: 2006  

EIN No: 04-3847828

Cause Area (NTEE Code): Health - General and Rehabilitative N.E.C. (E99)


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