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A Legacy of Medical Excellence

"What makes this so unique is that it involves the entire penis, the scrotum and part of his abdominal wall. Soldiers sustain these type of IED injuries, they get a big blast to the pelvis and they lose a lot of tissue."

Richard James Redett, III, M.D.

World’s First Total Penis   and Scrotum Transplant  



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“Our patient was called names and was humiliated, children ran away. You need a face to face the world.

Maria Siemionow MD, PhD, DSC

World’s First Largest and

Most Complex Facial Tissue Transplant

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Maria Siemionow 

“This surgery was the result of years of training, followed by months

of planning and preparation by a remarkable team."

L. Scott Levin, MD, FACS

L. Scott Levin

World’s First Bilateral Hand

Transplant on a Child 

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“By combining science and surgery we fulfilled our goal of

restoring function and independence of amputees."

W. P. Andrew Lee, MD

 World's First Most Extensive and Complicated

Double Arm Transplant

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W. P. Andrew Lee, MD 

 "Give disfigured patients new faces. Give them entirely new lives."

Bohdan Pomahac, MD

The First, Second and two additional Full Face Transplants pioneered and performed in the United States of America 

Bohdan Pomahač MD 
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