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“There are three constants in life... change, choice and principles.”   

Stephen Richards Covey 


The Gene Vance Jr. Foundation exists to assist in the betterment of life for the uniquely traumatised suffering exceptionally complex and devastating injuries - especially war wounded veterans and first responders combatting terrorism globally as well as innocent survivors. 


We are proud to be a nonpartisan, all volunteer, humanitarian civic organization. We are neutral, do not take sides in armed conflicts or opposing political views of any government.  We will assist  on the basis of need and advocate for beneficiaries without ever compromising our values. We endeavor to work with all and any levels of government on vital issues of importance to the catastrophically injured.


The Foundation has been a fierce advocate of the most effective options in the fields of restorative, regenerative, reconstructive medicine and optimal healthcare support capable of dramatically increasing quality of life for those most in need of help. 


At times, these new options are beyond access simply because of:

  1. The leading edge and/or experimental nature of the therapy.  The availability of skilled practitioners and researchers in  a chosen field coupled with a physical location that may require extensive travel and accommodation    

  2. An unanticipated outcome within a government or infrastructure during challenging and unprecedented times 

  3. The cost involved for and/or coverage/care options available to the patient 


We aspire to increase quality of life through our educational forums, offer of direct patient assistance and community support. The goal is to create awareness and help the survivor reach as close to pre trauma condition as possible.   


We aim to help generate new solutions vital to medical science that have immense ramifications in response to military, terror, or other catastrophic events with resulting egregious injuries - we do this by sharing and promoting ground breaking new advances, choices and services not easily accessible or readily available. We aim for the highest possible standards in everything we do reflecting the true meaning of our organization's exceptionalism.

We are committed to the development of a well-conceived strategy that enables new medical solutions for catastrophic injuries. We strive ceaselessly to find a path for physicians, injured survivors and their families to have access to the highest level of expertise, education and care available.   

We work to help maximize the possibility of regaining the ability to work and live productively within society. We do this by working with the foremost talent, brightest minds, finest leaders, cutting edge pioneers and most experienced professionals in a wide array of disparate disciplines. In fact, those capable of providing life giving options are just a few dedicated individuals and organizations. These few are busy helping to optimize care, advance efficiencies and maintain readiness in an exceptionally challenging environment. 

A Collective Effortwe exist in large part due to the support of almost 100 high end volunteer professionals, military, local government and partner organizations, some of which provide essential services on a pro-bono or complimentary basis. Your support enables leading edge initiatives designed to help the catastrophically injured receive the best quality care possible.  



The Foundation's mission is to help heal the increasing number of people, including US military, our allies and innocent civilians worldwide, injured by terrorism. This means facilitating the treatment of horrific wounds and injuries sometimes never seen before in the history of medical science. This vision is governed by the highest moral obligation to save, give or improve life - because we recognize that assistance can at times do more harm than good if the intention is to experiment.  



The Foundation’s vision also supports an unprecedented, high end free specialist healthcare, recovery and support system for veterans and their families that further advances the quality of care possible for wounded warriors. 

Investing in outstanding individuals and exceptionally promising new ideas that transcend the conventional, the Foundation through its programs, will also sponsor a wide range of research, conferences and events on important issues relating to its mission. 

Fostering, shaping, strengthening and promoting multidisciplinary collaboration that advances the transfer of information and knowledge emerging from research helps to accelerate the development of new technologies and therapies for the uniquely injured.




Accountability is at the core of our conduct reflecting the impact of our altruistic and humanitarian action over the past fifteen years. All our decisions are grounded in the highest ethical principles. In an effort to uphold these values we serve and learn from both military and private sector healthcare and other service providers, maintaining transparency at all times. Being transparent about why we need money and how we allocate resources is an essential part of our accountability, both to donors and survivors.  

Since 2007, the organization's primary source of financial support has come from the Vance-Minc family. Select mission critical costs have been met by the military, local government, corporations, and other non-profit entities, as well as individuals. The Foundation is an all-volunteer, non-partisan, 501(c)(3) non-profit directing 100% of its available funding to program expenses, a rarity in today's non-profit sector.

Therefore, we are honest about what we can and cannot do and make decisions based on needs alone. We do not raise money for programs we cannot see through and only ask for additional money to meet unprecedented needs in a specific context. We communicate directly with everyone, on every level from leadership to operations and with the people we seek to help, independently assessing and impartially monitoring how our time and resources will be allocated.  

Our programs are carefully researched through real time feasibility study and implemented over a period of time. Sustainability is a core tenet in our accountability.  Our volunteer members are carefully selected and must already have decades of relevant or related experience before they can be considered for membership. 


Accountability enables solid growth and growing awareness resulting in tremendous interest in the Gene Vance Jr. Foundation, and its timely leadership to effectively bring into focus a most critical issue facing our nation - indeed the world.


Accountability also means we promote excellence, encourage a high standard of character and conduct and publicly recognize high attainment in medical science, practice, and related fields. The emphasis by the Gene Vance Jr. Foundation on total restoration coupled with developing medical technologies and emerging therapies means increased relevance and benefit to all mankind.

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