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Every Individual Has A Right to Life, Liberty and Freedom

The Freedom Monument Community Project is an historic opportunity to awaken coming generations of Americans to asking what they can do for their country and for their world.

To awaken in them the ultimate satisfaction of making a real contribution that leaves behind a better world than they found it.

The Freedom Monument


Your support ultimately helps keep your communities safer because America’s success as a nation in the world depends equally or more on those who are willing to fight for the American way of life and defend freedoms held dear for generations.

Symbols of a triumphant human spirit that immortalize freedom,
American values and culture.
The unlimited human potential of every individual, at any moment in history, is portrayed in their call to action which promises a great future. 
The torch is a permanent reminder that freedom is not free and that courage, commitment and dedication are necessary to secure
the common good.
The likenesses portrayed in the two figures featured embody qualities and attributes that every person should strive for in life. 

Gene Arden Vance Jr. was an American soldier, a member of a US Special Forces Airborne Reserve Unit who, despite being critically wounded, saved the lives of two fellow Americans and 18 Afghani soldiers during the War in Afghanistan. (Wikipedia)

A monument

of the people 

by the people for the people

Rob Jones is a United States Marine and Paralympic athlete who completed 31 consecutive marathons in 31 days. Jones lost both legs above the knee in Afghanistan in 2010. (Wikipedia)

The Freedom Monument



Organizing Committee 

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