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Honor, dignity, courage, truth, education, wisdom, physical well being, loyalty and morality

are the cornerstones on which we must build our future...

 Michael M.J. Minc


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If you live in America and enjoy any of the freedom and comfort that society provides, then you are indebted to the ordinary citizens who rise to the challenge of battle, ready and willing to make the ultimate sacrifice of their lives in service to their country.


Freedom is not free and comes at a cost that not everyone recognizes or appreciates.

Throughout America's history, keeping the peace and fostering progress in human achievement has been a primary focus. Our purpose is to create the best value system for life.

These goals are being threatened by conflict the world over and here at home. This conflict demands our full attention if we are to remain a free nation.

My dear friend and brother in-law, Gene Vance Jr. was an extraordinary and courageous man who, instead of going on his honeymoon, went to Afghanistan in response to the attack on the United States of America that killed 2,819 people on September 11, 2001. He, like thousands of other brave Americans, was willing to give his life for our nation in support of the society in which we are living.

Gene Vance Jr. was the embodiment of true American values that are fading away on a daily basis. We have created this Foundation in his honor, to uphold his beliefs and to help others, especially those who risk their lives to defend us from the horrors of terror and, without whom, the American Dream would become a nightmare.

Our mission includes instilling in future generations the preservation of liberty and democracy at all cost. Honor, dignity, courage, truth, education, wisdom, physical well being, loyalty and morality are the cornerstones on which we must build our future.

We are creating a unique network of distinguished partners, volunteers and professionals to help support and advance our objectives.

Your invaluable support will contribute to the preservation of our society and the freedoms we hold dear.

Thank you for caring.

Michael M.J. Minc


Michael M.J. Minc

Michael M. J. Minc (pronounced “Mintz”) founder of the Gene Vance Jr. Foundation, the Gene Vance Jr. Day and Buds Bold Brew, is a South African American artist, designer, creative strategist and humanitarian.

Mr. Minc is an accomplished creative strategist with multidisciplinary expertise in global brand and business development, integrated marketing, public/investor relations and design.  As the principal and founder of Mike M. Inc., he has worked in a variety of capacities in varied industries over the past twenty five years generating and leading initiatives that help drive revenue growth, brand recognition and market share for Fortune 100/500 global leaders of industry like Coca-Cola and Levi-Strauss as well as a select group of businesses, distinguished organizations and multiple International Olympic sporting events including Barcelona Olympic Swim Team USA, Salt Lake City Winter Olympics and the Tenth Paralympic Games in Atlanta, Georgia. 


Michael attended what is now known as the University of Johannesburg and began his professional career as an Hotelier with Southern Sun, a leading hotel group in Africa.  He has served in the military abroad performing active duty as a squad leader and is also an accomplished artist with a prolific lifetime creative career that began at age ten.

US Dept. of Defense Dept. of the Navy

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