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Foundation's Justice Reform Initiative Aids Decorated Marine After Attempted Suicide

INVISIBLE INJURIES - Diagnosed behavioral and mental health challenges that may result in the involvement of the justice system is the initiatives' primary focus.


A highly decorated US Marine combat veteran who served several tours of duty was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury and eventually incarcerated without medical treatment following an attempted suicide.

The Gene Vance Jr. Foundation improved outcomes for the patient including securing their release from prison just shortly before Covid-19 turned the facility into a hotspot. The Foundation identified and enrolled the veteran in a suitable mental health program, addressed their suspension of VA benefits which eventually were reinstated, worked closely with authorities and family to provide emotional support, advocacy, facilitation and assistance.

These outcomes underscore the importance of the Foundation’s recent focus which addresses the urgent need for justice reform when dealing with veterans and the public at large who suffer with the anguish of mental health challenges.


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