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“A Philosophy of Total Giving”


It’s always a distinct honor and privilege to share the Bud’s Bold Brew® legacy – who ‘Bud’ is, who we are, what we do, our history and values that guide “A Philosophy of Total Giving”.  We are the Gene Vance Jr. Foundation, an all volunteer, medical humanitarian non-profit organization leading an initiative entitled “Operation Total Restoration” that marshals the forces of military and civilian pioneers and world renowned specialists to help advance care for the war wounded and traumatically injured. 


100% of Profits go towards making a difference












“Our commitment to use all the money we receive from the sale of our products for charitable purposes is

a very important part of our legacy, especially in these times when it is so rare. 


When we say 100% of profits it’s not a play on words or a marketing strategy to increase sales.

In fact, since 2006 the Foundation has been made up of all volunteers with

100% of available funds going to program expenses. 


While this is also very rare indeed, the simple meaning about our product sales is

that whatever is left over from the sale of our coffee after normal business expense

like costs of manufacturing, shipping etc. will be used to further our cause.”

Michael M. J. Minc, Founder

 The True Story of An American Hero


American hero Gene “Bud” Arden Vance Jr. (see Wikipedia) loved strong, bold coffee. He loved it so much that while he was on a mission to hunt Al Qaeda, he actually had several coffee makers sent to him along with his treasured private coffee blend ordered from California. 


In his honor, we at the Gene Vance Jr. Foundation wanted to create the most unique roast of coffee that Gene himself would have appreciated and one worthy of bearing his name. It was a tall order and took several years to perfect using

a time honored secret  recipe originating in Morocco -


We call it “Bud’s Bold Brew®

100% Philanthropic Artisan Craft Coffee  

A bold blend of the freshest premium grade 100% Arabica coffee from Central America and Indonesia that

can be enjoyed all day long.

 Experience Our Commitment to Superior Quality and Remarkable Taste







The Gene Vance Jr. Foundation is the sole owner of Bud’s Bold Brew® and your order will be a donation. 

Under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service code, your donation is tax deductible!


Now you can enjoy a truly patriotic perk. Know that every cup you drink makes a difference.  

THANK YOU for caring. May you have a Bold New Day!

this much is true...

MAIL P.O. Box 912 Rutherfordton, NC 28139

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